When anyone mentions the promotion of Country music Artistes in the UK. Sid Randell's name will undoubtedly come up. Known as The Ghost-Rider, Sid has been, and still is very active on the UK's club and festival circuit.

           Sid’s passion started at an early age, when he first heard country music as a boy, from the day’s his father bought home country records by the likes of the Sons of the Pioneers, Slim Whitman, Roy Acuff, Marty Robbins plus many more.

           The most influential to hit a chord with Sid was Vaughn Monroe, and his rendition of “Ghost-Riders in the Sky”, that’s when Sid took the path down the country music road. Listening to the American greats from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s including the Boss of the genre Hank Williams. Sid would collect as many albums as he could afford.

            Sid has enjoyed listening to other genres of music, but always came back to the roots of country music. In the early days it was referred to as Hillbilly music, and didn’t get the exposure here in the UK like elsewhere in the world, until one day it was termed Country & Western music.

             With the expansion of the charts over the years from top 10, 20, 100, Country music crossed the pop threshold and introduced the UK to the country greats we know of today visiting our shores. Slim Whitman, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.

             Sid’s pleasure for the genre is it has no boundaries and reaches out to folks of all ages, plus the engaging story lines we can all appreciate "do happen" within life.

             Sid has never turned his back on country music and to this day loves listening, talking and presenting it to others.

Over the years Sid's passion for the Country music genre, has gained him a profound knowledge of the music, Artistes and fans alike, which have ultimately turned into great friendships.

             Don't be fooled, hiding under the cheeky smile also lies a guitarist and singer, that can occasionally be seen at The Dancing Dog Saloon.

             Sid has fronted several country radio slots over the years, with Wayland Community radio, Ashill Swaffham, Watton Community Radio which later became Brecks FM. Bringing his waffle to the ears of his evergrowing loyal fanbase "The Watton Waltons" which are based around the globe.

             Sid's office is usually filled with stacks of CD's, with Artistes sending him new music constantly. Unlike most mainstream radio stations being selective or wanting monetary reward for airplay, Sid is unbiased in his approach, and will give airplay to any artistes that has taken the time to send him music, from anywhere in the world. (Just keep it Country)


              Sid hopes you enjoy the new venture of The Ghost-Rider Country & Western Radio with him, and would love to hear from listeners. You can contact Sid via the form on the contact page and also join the stations Facebook and Twitter pages from there too.


              If you are ever at a festival or club and spot Sid and wife Dors, head on over to say howdy, as The Ghost-Rider likes nothing better than a good old waffle. 

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